The Philippine government is discussing the right time to apply digital travel permits


Since the start of the lockdown due to the Corona virus … since March 2020, the Philippines has not accepted foreign tourists, but in 2020, Manila has allowed foreigners, investors and long-term visa holders working in the Philippines to enter the Philippines.

Recently, due to the increase in new virus cases, the Philippine government imposed restrictions on entry into the country again in March 2021.

On April 7, Buyat released a statement saying: “Once the Philippine government adopts the IATA Travel Authorization, the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) hopes to safely reopen Philippine tourist destinations to international tourists and revitalize the tourism industry as a whole. However, the time is not yet right.”  .

The app includes registered health status, and testing for COVID-19.  It also allows laboratories to safely issue test results or vaccination certificates to passengers.

The Travel Authorization Program application was developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) .. Through the application, users can create digital passports during the COVID-19 period, and authorities in different countries can easily screen passengers.

“This measure is in line with other countries’ success in lifting restrictions on tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Boyat said.

“Although the program is still in the beta phase, the IATA passport will assist airlines that use this measure to provide safe and comfortable travel for passengers,” he added.

As of April 4, more than 20 airlines, including Emirates, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines, have implemented the program.

Singapore permitted the use of the IATA passport as of this May

The Philippine government plans to use digital travel permits until the borders open to foreign tourists.

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