The Jaffna Youth League has joined the army in large numbers.


In the past three months of continuous conscription, more than 1,600 Jaffna Tamil boys and girls have been enlisted in the Sri Lankan Army. This greatly ensures that these young people have faith in and high regard for our organization and mark them. There is a genuine need for real coexistence and even obstacles and threats. Reconciliation is still before them by various dissatisfied and divisive factors, as well as those who wish to incite them when violence occurs again.


In fact, this is a positive turning point in terms of the image of our organization, and it is a pride for all of you. Similarly, including more than 7,000 people within the Air Force specializing in COVID-19 control on the peninsula, the Secretary of Defense, the commander of the army and the head of the National COVID-19 Prevention Operations Center (NOCPCO), General Shavindra Silva, reported that he Addressing a large-scale Three Kingdoms rally. After serving with the peninsula on Monday (12th), they became true military giants with leadership skills.


In order to comply with strict sanitation procedures related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the security forces headquarters in Jaffna carefully arranged a meeting with the visiting Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense

With the commander of the army, he arrived there to assess safety developments, COVID-19 prevention efforts, especially sharing New Year greetings with Tri

Soldiers who renounce vacations due to their responsibilities during the holiday season should stay away from their relatives.


“It is worth mentioning that His Excellency President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and Minister of Defense General Kamal Gunaratne (continued)

Always provide the greatest support for solving your problems, and plan to develop various welfare roles to bring you more benefits in the future,

Although the government (mainly due to the impact of COVID-19) has been facing sanitary and financial constraints. All these benefits and other concerns and pressing issues

Now it is being resolved at the ministerial level, and there is no further delay in finding a solution. Similarly, the construction work of the Defense Service Headquarters Building in Sri Jayawardenepura

Now that the pace has been accelerated, our sister services can also be relocated after completion. “General Shavindra Silva added.


“In general, everyone provides impressive and commendable services in Jaffna. The area is concentrated by a large number of people and has a high reputation internationally.

First of all, I want to pay my deep respect to the 13 fallen war heroes in Thirunavel a few years ago, including Lieutenant Gas

As the first batch of war heroes and all other trilogy war heroes who gave their lives to restore peace, Gunawardner, the army who became a victim of LTTE terrorism

Fight against the forces of separatism in Jaffna and defend the motherland. Together, I transfer the merits to all the defenders who have passed away, and wish them Nirvana.

Similarly, I hope that all wounded war heroes who are still recuperating will recover as soon as possible, and wish all service personnel a happy new year and peace.


He added that since the end of the peace war, all of you have played an exemplary and dedicated role in increasing the livelihoods of civilians in Jaffna.

Sources, infrastructure development, construction of houses in need, schools, community halls, distribution of sales cycles, books and school accessories, etc.

I know that all of you are prioritizing national security issues at the same time

You fully support the control of all forms of anti-social, illegal and smuggling activities on the peninsula, mainly on sea routes and other dens. All those stupid tasks

Our three services help to improve the general population in Jaffna, and sometimes they don’t even take turns to leave them. We should all feel proud that visitors

The Chief of Staff and Army Commander of the Wehrmacht praised him in his speech.


“It is also important to remember that your bounden duty remains on national security issues. You all work tirelessly and closely with the police.

The authority responsible for controlling anti-social movements, the resurrection of terrorist forces, criminal roles, drug threats, smuggling and other activities, as well as most Jaffna people and authoritative countries

The officials are arguing about your position and are deeply impressed. You also need to be vigilant about future developments.

Sri Lankan Army

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