The first shipment of Covid vaccine arrives at Aden International Airport


The Ministry of Public Health and Population has received around 360,000 doses of the shipment of the Corona vaccine, provided by the Kovacs Group. Dr. Qassem Muhammad Buhaibeh, The Minister of Health and Population, urged the health staff to expedite vaccine registration and pointed out that “the King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Center will cover 50% of their vaccine needs and it is expected to cover 70% this year to reach 12 million doses starting the vaccination campaign will begin in next few days. The Minister of Health called on all official and popular events to contribute to the progress of the vaccination campaign, stressing the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. Meanwhile, Dr. Wa’ed Badeeb, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation appreciated the Ministry of Health’s effort in obtaining the Covid vaccines emphasizing that everyone in the government works as one team, requesting the King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Center to complete the remaining doses.

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