Tunisian Jewelers suffer a deep crisis

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Tunisia lives an economic crisis due to the decline in the dinar price compared to other foreign currencies, reflecting on the free trade owners like jewelry merchants and jewelers, who have been affected by the economic crises Tunisians are encountering amid the high cost of living, which made buying gold is a matter of luxury. The jeweler, Anwar, points out that the crisis in the gold sector has risen following a decline in the income of the Tunisian citizen and the increase in the gold price, which separated the customer and the dealer besides that the price of gold is connected to the global market, which has made the price of jewelry incompatible with the local currency especially if it is already weak. Meanwhile, jewelers in the Al-Baraka Market in Tunis state that citizens get what is necessary, like a wedding or engagement ring, so the jeweler craftsmen attempt to make lighter and cheaper jewelry to ensure the continuity of this industry. 


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