Through silent animated movies, deaf girls in Gaza speak to the society


In an interactive environment, “deaf” girls in Gaza have participated in animation training that targets girls with hearing impairment to allow them to learn cartoon making in a simple technical way, so they share their experiences and reality the society using fixed-frame technology. Head of the activities department at “Himamu Ash-Shabab”, Hanin Karaz, stated that the workshop was directed at 16 girls, 8 of them suffer from hearing disabilities, and some are volunteers in the center, to promote the idea of integration that had a big influence on adding a qualitative leap in supporting deaf rights and their sense of genuine equality. Haneen says that they have work on three ideas, first; the role of deaf girls with creative talent in society amid the Corona pandemic. Second is the issue of not incorporating deaf girls into work and the demands of their right to work like other groups of society, and finally is their freedom to share their opinion, in sign language.

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