Party without a chair, declaration of the youth party “People Want”

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In a press conference, the youth party “People Want” has been declared, on Tuesday, which is a slogan the Tunisian President Qais Saeed used during his election campaign that contributed to his presidency winning, in 2019. The spokesperson of the party, Abdul Hadi al-Hamzawi, stated that thinking about this party came after the lack of a youth party in the political arena that adopts youthful ideologies, seeks to incorporate them and stresses the need to include youth in the system of governance. About the party’s program, Al-Hamzawi stated that it focuses on fighting unemployment and corruption as well as enforcing development. In contrast to other parties, the “People Want” party will not have a chair nor branches in other governorates, instead, it will be social media-based to share the party’s program and attract members.

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