Negligence and the delay in Covid vaccine arrival exacerbate the concerns of deprived communities


The opportunities of distributing vaccines equally between the rich and poor in towns of Wasit Governorate decreases, with a scene ruled by the survival of the fittest according to what the people see as their concerns and suffering increase by the pandemic outbreak in their homes. The resident of Kut narrate that they do not have enough money to feed their children and pay the water and electricity bills, so where would they get the money to buy the vaccine if it was for sale!, expressing that they are already facing a problem in obtaining a bed in a public hospital for treatment of diseases before the outbreak of Covid, so how will they find beds at the time of Covid, which caused overcrowding in private hospitals then the public, as well as severe pressure on the health sector and care houses. The Iraqi Ministry of Health had previously announced that the anti-Coronavirus vaccination process will begin soon, while the Council of Ministers stated that an amount of $ 100 million had been allocated for purchasing the vaccine, without revealing the groups that would receive the vaccine and the method of its distribution.

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