In front of UNRWA, a vigil against the decision of refugees’ aid reduction


Tens of Palestinian refugees held a vigil with the participation of the Joint Committee for Refugees, in front of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency “UNRWA” in Gaza against the recent procedures for a single food basket and reducing all aids. Those in charge of the vigil stated that the committee is about to close the distribution centers of the UNRWA as well as the agency’s managers ’offices for some time as a condemnation of the de facto policy. A member of the Joint Committee for Refugees, Zahir Al-Banna, stated that adopting a single coupon decision is a deprivation of 770,000 refugees from Gaza from double food aid. The head of the People’s Committee for Refugees, Mazen Al-Sheikh, emphasized that thousands of refugees need double food aid, the yellow coupon, whereas the UNRWA administration focuses on this decision by implementing an adjustment policy, which is to spend $ 80 million only throughout a year in the food basket.

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