Houthi’s escalation of battles in Ma’rib threatens the displaced with a humanitarian catastrophe

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Ma’rib governorate is one of Yemeni’s most attractive cities for the displaced people escaping the Houthi militia, and in which more than 2 million and 700 thousand displaced persons reside, which forms 60% of the total number of displaced people in Yemen. The displaced have become an easy target for the Houthi group these days, as the displaced camps have become more vulnerable to tens of missiles, artillery, and drones, according to what community activist, Mazen Al-Shaabi, who stated, that the displaced live under the risk of death due to the Houthi militia’s intentional shelling on their communities. Al-Shaabi called on the international community, and humanitarian and United Nations organizations, to fulfill their responsibilities towards the displaced in the camps, and to stop the random shelling that threatens them.

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