For healthy agricultural product, worms’ fertilizer sells well

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He made his way after having many agricultural issues. The agricultural engineer Mohsen Ahmed from northern Gaza, who has dedicated his efforts to looking for organic fertilizers as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, yet he has recently come across the worms fertilizer. Currently, “Mohsen” uses worms in several crops, like growing vegetables and roses, and the results have been so impressive, that he got motivated to focus more on this type of fertilizers; therefore he is seeking to obtain a license from the authorities to begin cultivating significant amounts. Following these successes “Mohsen” achieved, he began training many courses to students and farmers on using this type of fertilizer. He pointed out that this fertilizer, rescues the farmers financially, as its price much lesser than other ones, it is natural and it prevents the occurrence of many diseases like cancer, as chemical fertilizers are one of its causes.

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