Fire causalities in Al-Hol camp rises to nine people, including five children


The head of the National Hospital, Dr. Antar Sino, stated that the causalities of the fire that broke out in Al-Hol camp, eastern Syria have risen to 9 people, including 5 children, with more than 30 injuries, most of them are women. “Sino” clarified that during a wedding in Al-Hol camp, a fire broke out in one of the tents on Saturday, February 27th, 2021. The groom’s father stated that more than 200 relatives of the groom were there in the tent, yet the flood of children led the tank of the fireplace to fall into the tent, causing the fire to outbreak. Meanwhile, the UNHCR in North and East Syria called on the organizations concerned with humanitarian matters to intervene and resolve the issues to provide aids to the camp where more than 60,000 displaced persons and refugees live, including members of ISIS families.

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