Exhibition of “Handmade Art” in Sulaymaniyah, a local movement to overcome unemployment

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The Handicraft Organization in Sulaymaniyah has organized an exhibition of handicrafts with the participation of more than 100 craftspeople. The official of the organization, Sirwan Bakr, stated that the organization has recently been founded and it comprises more than 300 members of craftsmen and staff, to provide assistance to these workers by providing display place and supplies as well as to pursue job opportunities for lovers of manual art and set up courses for them. Bakr suggested that the exhibition would be a weekly display of artistic works such as accessories, clothes, woolen pieces, homemade food, and sweets. The handicrafts in Sulaymaniyah are widespread providing an atmosphere conducive to the advancement of the economy and tourism, while they provide additional jobs for the workforce, especially women trying to depend on themselves, be responsible for the household, and support the man in everyday life.


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