Execution of six people convicted in the Zarqa boy crime


On Wednesday, the State Security Court in Jordan has issued the capital sentence of the convicted of the Zarqa Boy crime, one of whom was sentenced in absentia, while the court acquitted 7 others. The court also has sentenced one of the convicts to 15 years in jail and another to 10 years, whereas two others to one year each. In this case, 17 people were being charged, one of whom was a fugitive, and they were facing charges including the felony of carrying out a terrorist act that endangers society, attempting intentional murder with participation, causing permanent disability, and criminal kidnapping. The State Security Court Prosecution received the case file of the Zarqa boy on October 21, 2020, after the Public Prosecutor of the Grand Criminal Court, Judge Abdul Ilah Al-Assaf, decided to transfer the file of the “Zarqa Crime” case to the State Security Court. The case of the “Zarqa Boy” is a case of a child who was kidnapped from Al-Hashemiya city, transported to an empty area eastern Zarqa Governorate then was assaulted, his hands got amputated, and his eyes got blinded, and harmed, then left in an empty area, 7 km away far from the nearest Hospital.

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