“A Celebration in Al-Baghuz” Movie is at the Forefront of Raqqa Cultural Festival


The Art Culture body in Raqqa wrapped up its cultural festival week that hosted art exhibitions, book fair and musical concerts, along with cultural forums. During which, “A celebration in Al-Baghuz” movie was screened, which was produced by 5 Syrian Youths. One of the movie producers, Ahmed Hamid pointed out that the movie was filmed in Al-Baghuz. It reflected the agony of Syrians living under ISIS grip. Moreover, Ahmed Al-Khabour, an owner of a library in Raqqa, illustrated the agony and the distress they have been enduring, not to mention that ISIS burnt down his library twice on claims that it includes books that go against its beliefs. However, he is exerting earnest efforts to bring his library back to life to set the stage for replacing ISIS beliefs that prevailed in the region

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