Yemeni Children during the war are homeless workers


The war in Yemen forced Yemeni children to pursue their livelihood and these tragic circumstances resulted in child labor expanding drastically, so the children of Yemen found themselves alone in the face of bitter reality, vulnerable to abuse, victims of exploitation, and misery, since they are the weakest part in all the wars the country is going through. Despite the inaccuracy of official figures, the number of working children aged 10 to 14 years crossed 400,000 children, the percentage of males is 55.8%, and the number of females is 44.2%. Whereas the International Labor Organization stated that 1.4 million working children in Yemen are stripped of their basic rights which raises a state of emergency that needs international intervention to help mitigate this phenomenon. It also stated that about 34.3% of children aged 5 to 17 are in the labor market, suggesting that the number is going up.

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