The legitimate Yemeni Government Forces Took Over Aljaddafr Region near Maʼrib


 The forces of the legitimate Yemeni government took over Aljaddafr region located in the administrative boundaries between Raghwan directorate affiliated to Maʼrib governorate and Al Hazm directorate affiliated to Jawf governorate. Saudi-led coalition’s air force collaborated in the operation by launching 10 raids from Sirwah District and adjacent areas. This came after the legitimate government forces wagged massive attacks on Houthi forces in the eastern and southeast fronts of Al-Jawf governorate.  Capturing  Aljaddafr  region relieved the pressure on the military forces in Maʼrib especially that it  was subjected to fierce attacks by the Houthi militias that aim at capturing the governorate  to seize upon its wealth recourses.


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