The Humanitarian Affairs Office Discusses Means To Run Humanitarian Work

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The Humanitarian Affairs Office for North and East Syria held a meeting to address the displaced people camps’ difficulties and hurdles. The meeting discussed the plan crafted by the Autonomous Administration along with proposals submitted by regional organizations that would contribute in serving the area and the humanitarian work. The gathering was held in the Legislative Council building for the Jazira region in Amudah district and was marked by unprecedented attendance of all organizations administering within the Kurdish Autonomous Administration regions, international organizations, agencies and programs ‘ representatives operating in northern and eastern Syria, and the Social Affairs and Labor Authority in the northern and eastern Syria. It is the first meeting to be held in 2021 for these organizations, which was suspended for several months due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The meeting aimed at evaluating the humanitarian circumstances in the camps as it also shed light on the necessity of collaborative effort to provide humanitarian aid and address challenges that impede providing aid to the most inflicted segments

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