Palestine – Museum with independent efforts demonstrates the history of five civilizations


On 400 square meters, artifacts are clustered together to demonstrate the civilizations and ears that passed over Palestine. All the artifacts in the “Akkad Heritage and Antiquities” museum narrate stories of history that have left memorials in the museum, established by the archeology researcher “Walid Al-Akkad” 40 years ago. He states that he collected more than 1300 artifacts, the oldest of which belongs to the Canaanite era. As time passes, the memory still alive in the museum through antiques, pottery, coins traditional costumes belong to before the Nakba, and weapons, jewelry, crowns, and columns from the Roman and Byzantine era. “Akkad” suggests that he undertook to preserve the Palestine antiquities in the museum, which is a cultural and historical heritage that puts together the ancient civilizations of Palestine and maintains unique antiquities and history for future generations.


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