Lebanon- Tripoli Demonstrations Against Hezbollah are Flaring up


Riots in Tripoli demanding to expel the president Michel Aoun and his government have broken out again. Protestors claimed that his government is only covering up for the actual rulers; Hezbollah and Iran. Activists from different parts of Lebanon gathered in Tripoli to stand in solidarity with the protestors. Calls to head to the capital was followed by tightened security measures imposed by the army who also carried out patrols in the neighborhoods and blocked roads that lead to the city. Protestors held banners that demand expelling the ruling class and holding them accountable for the disastrous economic reality that was most severe on Tripoli’s residents, the poorest city in the Middle East. During the last week, protestors rallied against the dire humanitarian conditions, and the lockdown, where at least 200 protestors were injured and one was killed according to the Lebanese Red Cross.


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