“Jamal Shakhtar” A story of A Successful Innovator that Went Beyond Palestine’s Borders


Against all odds, dire humanitarian conditions, and hardships, Jamal Shakhtur, an innovative 26-Year-Old man, was able to raise the name of his country Palestine in Arab forums. Shakhtur, who left school when he was in the 10th grade, became appreciated for his wheelchair innovation designed for people with disabilities in 2016, followed by an Electronic Air Filter bag for rescuers, which he invented when he was a volunteer paramedic in first aid in frontlines. The inventor tends to come up with ideas that aim at helping people in their daily lives. He participated in the Arab Entrepreneurship Rally 2019 in Bahrain, as he developed a wheelchair for people with disabilities that enable them to stand. In 2019, he won the first prize at the 9th Engineering Forum, held at Sultanate of Oman in the category of creative community service projects by presenting the Electronic Air Filter

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