Inaugurating “Naksha Exhibition” to Revive Sculpture and Embroidery


In cooperation with Smeps , the Youth-led Meemz Arts Initiative in Hadhramout organized an honoring ceremony to wrap up “Naksha” exibition for creative and craft products”. The initiative is funded by the European Union as part of Naqd program to support businesses’ sustainability in the cultural heritage sector. The coordinator of Naksha” project, Sabah Hamdi strives to revive and promote sculpture, embroidery, and wicker products in an aim to shed light on the ancient heritage in a unique artistic manner that goes in line with modernity for marketing purposes. Hamdi illustrated that the project was nothing but a mere thought and it soon developed into a real project. It is worth mentioning that an exhibition of all handmade artistic pieces was held for the participants in the historic city of Shibam. Those pieces reflected the participant’s talents, creativity and the fact that the training offered by Naksha project was helpful in honing their skills

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