Illegal logging in Idlib By Iranian Militias Poses A Threat to the Syrian Environment


Amid bone-chilling winter and soaring prices of fuel, Iranian militias resorted to cutting forest trees in the southern countryside of Idlib to sell them in the areas run by the opposition or the Syrian regime to fund their activities. Residents illustrated that 30 years old Pine, Cupressus, and Almond trees are at risk of being wiped out. The scenic site, which was packed with these trees, used to be tourist attraction. The ministry of agriculture affiliated with the Syrian regime pointed out that these trees cover 80 thousand hectares. The Syrian Salvation Government illustrated that 45 thousand hectares are planted with 18 million and 500 thousand trees. In 2011, the Idlib governorate has had 70 forests. The natural forests that constitute about 20 thousand hectares were among the most ravaged, along with the artificial forests that constitute 25 thousand hectares that are only a few meters away from Iranian militias headquarters. Those forests are distinguished for at least 100 kinds of trees and shrubs, and for accommodating 50 animal species along with wild birds

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