Families of Beirut Port Blast Victims Reiterate That the New Investigator Has no Red Lines in Probing

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Families of Beirut port blast victims affirmed that Tarek al-Bitar, the newly appointed judicial investigator, won’t condone any immunities adding that all immunities will fall. His statements were made during meeting the families in the Justice Palace after the Supreme Court removed the former investigator Fadi Sawan from the office due to political pressures. Families of the victims, including the son of the deceased Muhammad Al-Latakani, have cast doubt on the capabilities of the judiciary to disclose the truth behind the blast, given the political pressures that impede the course of the investigation. Families also confirmed that the new investigator will exert painstaking efforts to disclose the truth even on his weekends. Moreover, families blamed officials, ministers, high-profile politicians, and security officers for the blast. They also expressed their dismay and anger over the decision to remove the former investigator from his office, while demanding an international investigation that would bring justice and held those in charge of the blast accountable. It is worth mentioning that even after six months of the blast, no results were yet disclosed despite the participation of specialized investigators of the FBI and France

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