Experts: The Iranian economy will not recover even if America lifts the sanctions against it

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Some Iranian economy sectors seek to reorganize them and confidently anticipate the return of the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions on the country, however, it does not seem that Tehran and economic experts are confident optimistic about the economic progress, because Iran has not joined the Financial Action Group to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. Economic experts conclude that Iran’s refusal to return to its nuclear obligations under the agreement unilaterally revoked by the United States, unless Washington lifted the sanctions imposed on it by the administration of former President Donald Trump, will not come to fruitarian at this time. With the regression of the Iranian economy, which started to improve following the nuclear deal in 2015 and the sanctions’ lifting, it’s difficult for the Iranians to encounter the burden of living due to the rising prices and the lack of supply of goods, as the shelves of stores in Tehran are almost empty of any imported products, while the alternative local goods are very expensive.
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