Despite being neglected, the ancient Al-Farouq minaret in Iraq is prosperous


Despite the government’s negligence, the minaret of Al-Farouq mosque, Hit downtown, is prosperous with prayer performers and visitors from inside and outside the city. The minaret is one of the prominent monuments in the Anbar governorate. Historians date it back to before Islam, the archeological keeper, Nabeel Ali states that before Islam, Al-Farouq minaret used to be for military purposes like watching armies that intended to attack the city and that the caliph Omar bin Khatab reconstructed it to be a minaret for Al-Farouq mosque which people of Hit favor due to its history. The hight of the minaret is 100 meter and can be tracked from anywhere in the city, with a diameter of three meters at the base and rises in a cylindrical shape, Its four stairs form a ladder in a circular shape with a right angle. The heritage researcher, Fawzi Shallal expresses that the city is known for its archeology yet they are neglected by the government and weren’t submitted to any maintenance as well as it’s was exposed to vandalism and damages throughout the time.

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