Covid: Prince Charles and Camilla get first vaccine

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have received Covid-19 vaccinations, Clarence House has said.

It comes a month after the Queen and Prince Philip received their coronavirus jabs.

Prince Charles, 72, and Camilla, 73, are in the 70 and over age bracket who are being urged to come forward if they have not yet received the vaccine.

The royals are among 12.6 million people in the UK to have received a least one dose of a vaccine so far.

It is not known which vaccine Prince Charles and Camilla received or whether they were vaccinated together.

Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus in March last year after displaying mild symptoms.

The Duchess of Cornwall was also tested at the time but did not have the virus.

In June, the Prince of Wales revealed to NHS staff that he had not fully regained his sense of smell and taste two months after having the disease.

It is not fully known what level of protection is offered from a previous coronavirus infection or how long this lasts for.

Over-70s are among the 15 million people being vaccinated in the first phase of the UK’s immunisation programme.

The government has set the target of vaccinating all of these people by 15 February.

Several high-profile figures have also publicly revealed they have received the coronavirus jab.

Sir Elton John, 73, and Sir Michael Caine, 87, appear in a NHS advert – released on Wednesday – which urges the public to get vaccinated.

The video aims to “show others that getting the life-saving jab is easy and safe”, according to a statement.

It shows the pair – who have both had their vaccines – appearing to audition for a part in an advert promoting the jab.

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