A selfless lady prepares food for the poor for free


Holding these utensils, the residents of El-Zeitoun, eastern Gaza wait for their turn to receive food offered to them every Monday and Thursday, by small donations that don’t cross 56 US dollars, where the 41-year-old selfless Palestinian lady, Samira Suleiman Abu Amra, prepares the food free of charges to the needy and poor in El-Zeitoun area. While Samira’s husband is jobless and they lack daily living, yet she is pleased to cook food for needy families. She stated that the meal she cooks is enough to feed 25 to 30 poor families, however, it does not enough for all families in the area, adding that today she cooked meat for the first time. Samira hopes that the number of contributions increases so that she cooks for more poor families.

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