The Syrian Democratic Forces Hand over a Yazidi Girl Found in Deir ez-Zor to Yazidi House


Assim Jasim Khader, a Yazidi girl who was abducted, sold, and raped By an ISIS member. It started when ISIS took over Sinjar District, the girl was kidnapped at the age of 12, and then sold for 21 million Syrian pounds, after rapping her in Mosel.  Asayish (the internal security forces) affiliated to the Syrian Democratic forces found the girl in Al Busayrah town and handed her over to the Yazidi House in Hasakah. It is worth mentioning that during 2014, when Sinjar District was under ISIS grip, at least 6000 Yazidi were kidnapped. In a report issued by the Yazidi Council and the UN, at least 2873 individuals’ whereabouts are a mystery


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