Breonna Taylor: Two Louisville officers fired over roles in shooting


Two US police officers linked to a notorious raid in which young black medic Breonna Taylor was fatally shot have been fired, authorities have said.

Detectives Myles Cosgrove and Joshua Jaynes are the latest officers to be dismissed over the shooting in March last year.

The incident in Kentucky caused outrage, spurring protests against racism and police brutality.

Ms Taylor, 26, died when police raided her home in connection to a drug case.

The FBI said Mr Cosgrove fired the shot that killed Ms Taylor at her home in Louisville.

Louisville police dismissed Mr Cosgrove for violating procedures for use of force and failing to use a body camera during the search, the Louisville Courier Journal reported on Wednesday.

Mr Jaynes, the newspaper said, was fired for violating the police force’s policy for truthfulness and search warrant preparation.

During the raid, Ms Taylor’s boyfriend fired at the officers who he said he believed were attackers breaking into their home.

Police say they knocked on the door to announce their presence before breaking down the door with a battering ram.

Ms Taylor’s boyfriend said police did not make their presence known, and he fired out of self-defence. Three officers returned fire with 32 shots, six of which hit Ms Taylor.

Ms Taylor’s name became a global rallying cry as people demanded a thorough investigation into her death.

Black Lives Matter activists in the US have demanded that Louisville police take stronger action against the officers in the case and say that police too often escape unpunished after killing members of the public.

But despite the outcry against Ms Taylor’s shooting, no criminal charges were sought relating to her death.


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