Iraq ranks first largest importer of Iranian Products


It became noticeable that the Iraqi markets have been invaded by Iranian goods and products. Iran entered the Iraqi markets after the war of 2003 exporting its products especially that it costs less than other products entering Iraq. The adviser of Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Wasfi Khalil, pointed out that more than 6000 factories have stopped working due to the cheap imported Iranian products, and around 7000 have bankrupted and terminated all their work. Head of Kurdistan Economy Union, Amir Bakr, called for activating an act to protect national and regional productions and to prevent the benefit of foreign currencies from reaching Iran through the disposal of its products in the country’s markets. The head of the Iran Trade Development Organization, Qumars Fathallah Karmanshahi, stated that Iraq receives 72% of total Iranian foreign commercial exports, and it ranks the first largest importer of Iranian domestic products.  


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