Syria- As Joe Biden Clinched the Presidency, Syrian Kurds Expect a US Political Recognition of The Autonomous Administration


Qamishli- Al-Hasakah – Syria 12.11.2020 Analysts expect that the new US administration under Biden’s presidency will change the adopted policy towards the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. The political wing of the Syrian Democratic Council is pinning hopes on gaining Biden’s administration’s support for the Autonomous Administration that may result in earning political recognition. Hence, Kurds consider a democratic president will lead to easing tensions in the region, given the fact that Trump’s administration gave a free rein to Turkey to attack northern Syria. Experts clarified that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria along with the Syrian Democratic Council were better off during Obama’s presidency in comparison to their statues during Trump, as they lost control over a number of regions and many families were displaced  

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