Syria- As Coronavirus cases Soars in Northern and Eastern Syria, Concerns- that the Health Sector will Fall Apart- are stoking


Qamishli  21/11/2020  With the chilling cold of winter, cases of Coronavirus have been soaring lately in all Syrian northern cities, obliging the health authority to impose a full and partial lockdown on some cities. The health authority illustrated that cases have reached an alarming level which would have irreversible repercussions, especially on the medical staff. It also indicated that the health sector’s infrastructure is wrecked after 9 years of grueling war. The health staff is in dire need of medical supplies, not to mention the lack of proper masks, gowns, and eye gear. An acute shortage of medical staff has also exacerbated the situation. The Health Authority in North and East Syria’s latest statistics disclosed reporting 6478 cases, including 172 deaths and 932 recoveries  

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