Trump’s proposed plan: united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

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US President Donald Trump, in revealing the terms of his Middle East peace plan known as the “Ultimate Deal”, announced that it states a realistic two-state division, and that Jerusalem be a unified capital for Israel.

Senior administration officials indicated that, under the proposed Trump plan, the United States would recognize Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, and in return, Israel would agree to accept a four-year freeze of new settlement activity while negotiating the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The plan also states that East Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine, while Israel’s agreement to establish a state for the Palestinians depends on the security agreement to protect the Israelis.

The officials stressed that Israel will respect the historical role of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the role of Jordan in relation to the holy sites in order to allow Muslims to visit the mosque.

The plan also states that the establishment of a Palestinian state depends on Palestinian respect for human rights, freedom of the press, and an honest and reliable judiciary, and if the Palestinians agree to negotiate, there are some areas in which a compromise can be reached in the future.

The plan includes a Palestinian state divided into two parts, from lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, connected by a tunnel that runs under the territory of the State of Israel, which will include the Jordan Valley region.

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